How To Clean Your Jewelry

We all have them at home, those jewelry cleaners that you can dip your silver and gold jewelry into for a few seconds and all comes out sparkling. Or does it?


Gemstone and Gold Wire Bracelets

Recently, I purchased an all around jewelry cleaner from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It did not state particularly which jewelry it was NOT suited for, so I figured it would do for everything.


Not even the Sterling Silver jewelry survived a quick dip. I was absolutely shocked and devastated to find it turn yellow and brassy! I was in total disbelief, at first wondering whether all my silver jewelry was, in fact, silver at all! Then, furious, I got into contact with the manufacturer who stated that I should have used their specific ‘Sterling Silver Cleaner’. Ok. Luckily, they sent me a little pot of it and it actually managed to restore my Sterling Silver jewelry back to normal – thank goodness!

However, all this made me think about my costume jewelry and my creations. Most of the jewelry I make, with the exception of some earrings that are Sterling Silver or Gold, is not made of precious metals although I use real stones and gemstones. I found that some of my bracelets were starting to oxidize and develop an unsightly film or even discolor. I was too scared, frankly, to use any of these industrial jewelry cleaners on it – especially since my durable Sterling Silver jewelry was almost destroyed.

Cleaning Costume Jewelry (Non-Precious Metals) 

First of all, non precious metals are not good with harsh cleaners that can often remove plating or damage the metal. Even leaving costume jewelry sit in water for too long can damage it. So what should you do?

If ‘dry cleaning’ with a toothbrush, toothpick and a soft clean cloth, does not help, then water and a gentle cleaning solution (try baby shampoo) may be the answer:

Mix a small amount of baby shampoo in lukewarm water in a little bowl. Rather than dipping the jewelry into the bowl, hold it in your hand and with a very soft toothbrush (best is a baby toothbrush) that has been wet with the cleaning solution, gently try to lift any dirt on the jewelry piece and if needs be, gently brush the piece until you are satisfied.

Rinse the piece of jewelry quickly under the tap, again with lukewarm water. Then, dry the piece of jewelry with a clean and soft cloth. You must make sure that there is no water whatsoever left on the piece, as any leftover water will damage it. For this purpose, you might even want to use a hair dryer set on a cool setting. The last step would be to gently polish the piece with a dry, clean and soft cloth.


Sparkling again?

What if your jewelry, after trying the dry and the wet cleaning, is still dirty or discolored?

There is another method.

Try a cotton wool bud dipped in a little non-acetone nail varnish remover and gently wipe/scrub your costume jewelry piece with this. Afterwards, rinse the piece in lukewarm water and dry off as I have described above.

What Do I Use?

Personally, I like using lukewarm water with a drop of shampoo and find it deals with most, if not all discolorations and dirt. For my precious metal jewelry, I do use the usual cleaners for dipping, making sure to check the labels thoroughly and use the right cleaner for the right metal. Additionally, I also try not to dip the jewelry for too long (less time than it says on the label), as that can also cause damage. Rather, dipping for a short time, and if necessary dipping again for a (short) second time, is a better approach.

I hope this article has helped you to get your jewelry all sparkly again. Comment on this post directly for a 10% off coupon for my entire site:

Happy jewelry cleaning!


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Happy Holidays And News From Sun, Sea And Jewelry

Happy Holidays And A Very Merry Christmas To You All

Dear current and future friends and customers: It’s the most wonderful time of the year! First of all we want to thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this year. It has been a great year for us and there is a lot to feel grateful and happy for. Thank you for shopping handmade!

IMG_0818 Mount Dora Light-Up

I am wishing you all a wonderful holiday time, ‘Merry Christmas’ and of course also a ‘Happy New Year’ – may 2016 be your best year yet!

Christmas Tree BromeliadsBromeliads Christmas Tree

What Is New At Sun, Sea And Jewelry?

Plenty of new items have been added to Sun, Sea and Jewelry’s etsy
shop. New are bangle bracelets, all the rage now and absolutely great for stacking!
We have plenty of these available in a gold or a silver tone with gemstone charms, including birth stones. New beaded gemstone bracelets and necklaces are also being added constantly! We also established a new ‘gifts’ section with plenty of gifts with a Floridian theme and lots of different cute wine glass charms! Many gifts start at under $20.

Beaded Jewelry

What’s To Come In January?

First and foremost, there will be a big sale in January, so make sure you check in and/or
sign up for our newsletters (no more than one a month, we will not fill up your mailbox) so you don’t miss the great sale and the many discounted real gemstone items!

Thank you again for your support and your interest
in Sun, Sea and Jewelry.

PS: Fill in the contact form and sign up to our newsletter for a 10% off coupon right now!


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It’s All About The Druzy – This Trend is Not Going Anywhere

I love druzies! This is probably the main reason as to why I decided to include them in my latest designs, I just LOVE the way they sparkle and glitter and how every single one is unique!

SAMSUNG CSC Large Gold Encased Druzy

What is a druzy?

A druzy is basically made up of lots of small mineral crystals forming on top of another stone. There are many different types of druzies, the most common ones are made up of quartz, because it is one of the most common minerals. The tiny crystals are so beautiful as they sparkle and shine, which probably explains why they have been popular and trendy for over two years already. Affordable pieces of jewelry with druzies are even popping up in budget stores!

SAMSUNG CSCDainty Druzy On Gold Chain

Wedding Jewelry 

Druzies, unlike diamonds, can be obtained fairly inexpensively – of course depending on quality. Like with everything, you do get what you pay for!
The fact that they are generally fairly inexpensive, sparkly and glamorous, without being too much ‘in your face’, makes them the perfect wedding jewelry, for example for the bride, or as bridesmaid wear or bridesmaid gifts. A simple little necklace like the one I made above, is sure to complement (and not overpower) a bridesmaid dress. Here is some more wedding-inspired druzy jewelry and a whole article written on the subject. I love those ear-rings!!

I do not see the druzy-craze going anywhere…

SAMSUNG CSCSquare Quartz Druzy On Hand-knotted Necklace

What do you think? 

Personally, I love the chunky Boho-style gold-encased druzies, and also the very petite ones. I often pair a hand-knotted gemstone necklaces with a little petite druzy on a simple gold chain, especially when I want to dress up a simple outfit.
Here is an example of the two styles together:

SAMSUNG CSCLayering for a Boho-Chic Look

Do you like druzies, would you buy them, and which ones are your favorites?

I have a 10% coupon active for the month of August in my etsy store, so make sure you grab yourself a druzy necklace or another piece of my handmade gemstone jewelry. Remember: all my jewelry is unique, meaning nobody else will be wearing the same piece as you.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Happy 4th July And Happy HUGE Sale On Our Handmade Fashion Jewelry! Find Coupon Here!

Hello Friends and Happy 4th July Weekend!

How are you celebrating your 4th July this year? I am looking forward to spending some time outdoors, as I have been busy designing new jewelry and some great custom orders for my dear customers…

I also have been adding a lot of unique and beautiful gemstone and crystal handmade fashion jewelry to my etsy store , including matching earrings. You have been asking for matching handmade earrings, and I agree. A pair of unique handmade earrings, matching with bracelets will complement your outfit even better!

I have been getting on with it:


Faceted Aquamarine and Pyrite Boho Chic Earrings

What do you think?

Huge 25% Off Sale Over 4th July Weekend

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I am having a massive flash-sale in my etsy store,
a huge 25% off on all my handmade jewelry, including bracelets and new earrings. Now is the time to get yourself your unique pieces at crazy prices, including these beauties, many now with matching earrings:


Gemstone stretch bracelets

Also, I have plenty of memory wire bracelets available,
in pretty much every color for every outfit!


Sparkling Red and Champagne


Lime and Purple


Pink and Red with Some Gemstones

So please visit and use coupon JULY4
to get a whopping 25% off – until 4th July midnight only.

Fear not, because if you ‘like’ my facebook page or fill in the contact form below NOW, I will update you with any news, future sales and coupons for my store…I look forward to connecting! Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful 4th July weekend!


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Spotlight On The Amazing Memory Wire! Have You Ever Worn It?

I love experimenting with different types of media and different types of beads, in order to always have something unique and amazing for you to wear. The humble memory wire lends itself for lots of different beads and I have been experimenting with adding gemstones to crystals and Czech glass beads for a while now.
The Results? Judge for yourself:


Rosequartz with Crystals


Amethyst, Rosequartz and Crystals

Memory wire is super cool. It is non corrosive, tarnish resistant and snaps back to its original form when expanded and released. This means that it is rigid in the sense that it keeps its round shape, but flexible enough that you can bend it and wrap it around your wrist without needing a closure for it to stay on. If you have ever tried to put on a bracelet with a fiddly closure, you can breathe a sigh of relief now! Aaaaah, memory wire is so easy!


Aquamarine, Lapis and Opalite

It also gives me the opportunity to handcraft a piece with a variety of different bead sizes and textures, adding to the uniqueness of the bracelet you will own. There are no two the same, and there never will be. Even if I make two bracelets intending to be very similar, there is always a difference, so every piece of my memory wire bracelets is truly unique….just like you!


Red and Champagne Cuff Bracelet


Red and Champagne Cuff Bracelet


Lime Green and Purple Cuff Bracelet

You can see that I also often attach dangles and/or charms, most of which are handmade, and can be customized depending on what I can get hold of.

Drop me a line if you are interested in a custom order, or a 20% coupon code for my store below, send me a quick email with ‘coupon’ in the subject line to:
Or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this post! I look forward to connecting!

Click on the link below to browse my store:

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It’s Summertime! Do you need some classy accessories?

Where is this year going? I can’t believe we are already almost half-way through 2015! I must admit that although it has been getting increasingly hotter here, summer comes as a surprise.

I have been busy bringing you some new and Boho-inspired gemstone jewelry, with some stunning smooth and faceted gemstones, which happen to have some gorgeous summery pastel colors too!  Just perfect for that floaty summer dress, and to dress up a plain outfit or complement a colorful one with matching colors!


Also, I have started once again to find my suppliers amongst other etsy sellers, if I can. I believe in giving back to the community and to like-minded people who have a passion to create something. This does not always mean I have the cheapest sources, but it makes me feel good, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are supporting your own community and country, and not a sweatshop in India or China.

I have also added some precious-metal luxury to a few of my bracelets by adding Sterling Silver and 24k Gold dangles, charms and bezel gemstones on some of them. It just adds a real luxurious look and feel, and the difference in quality is visible.

Just look at this bracelet with 24k gold charm and faceted Pyrite bezel:


What do you think?

I love it as an easy to wear slip-on and off accessory. Likewise, if you are more of a silver-wearing person, I have also created similarly luxurious gemstone bracelets, with faceted 10mm stones (such as Amazonite, Amethyst and Rock Crystal) with Sterling Silver charms and dangles:


For those of you who prefer a cleaner look and no dangles, I have created quite a few classic gemstone bracelets in pastel and summer colors for you too!


Talk to me! Please feel free to peruse my store here and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have regarding my jewelry, or if you simply want to connect! I would be more than happy to! There is a contact form at the end of this post and you are always welcome to drop me a line at:  Also, like my facebook page here for fantastic discounts and coupon codes. I love to give my friends a great deal.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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Is Your Jewelry ‘Active’?

Newsflash – scroll to the bottom of this post for 20% off coupons!

I have had a very busy few weeks…lots of changes in my work and private life, my internet connection playing up and catching up with a few outdoor pursuits on Sundays…boating, hiking, catching lizards on orange bikinis..that type of thing!


I have been busy on my new jewelry adventures also, having re-discovered my love for some really bright and fun Acai seed bead bracelets. The ultimate in ‘active’ jewelry, they will come swimming, hiking and boating with you, because I designed them to be extremely durable whilst also being very comfortable and light to wear.

I have designed them in bright and joyful colors because to me, this is what summer is all about, and they will brighten up your bikini or summer dresses! As a bonus, they can even be worn as chokers (just pull over your head!), as they are double wrap and stretchy. Below is one I took boating last weekend….don’t they feel summery and FUN?


I make them in all kinds of colors and with fun nautical and Florida themed charms…I am having a lot of fun with them, and I know you will too!

So up they went on etsy this week, where you can find one for your perfect summer outfit 🙂

Here’s some of them:

I am giving away coupons for 20% off in my etsy store all of June, just connect with me via email:
or via contact form below, stating ‘Coupon’. You will also find amazing deals and special offers on my facebook site.  I can’t wait to connect with you!

Have a great summer!


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