Spotlight On The Amazing Memory Wire! Have You Ever Worn It?

I love experimenting with different types of media and different types of beads, in order to always have something unique and amazing for you to wear. The humble memory wire lends itself for lots of different beads and I have been experimenting with adding gemstones to crystals and Czech glass beads for a while now.
The Results? Judge for yourself:


Rosequartz with Crystals


Amethyst, Rosequartz and Crystals

Memory wire is super cool. It is non corrosive, tarnish resistant and snaps back to its original form when expanded and released. This means that it is rigid in the sense that it keeps its round shape, but flexible enough that you can bend it and wrap it around your wrist without needing a closure for it to stay on. If you have ever tried to put on a bracelet with a fiddly closure, you can breathe a sigh of relief now! Aaaaah, memory wire is so easy!


Aquamarine, Lapis and Opalite

It also gives me the opportunity to handcraft a piece with a variety of different bead sizes and textures, adding to the uniqueness of the bracelet you will own. There are no two the same, and there never will be. Even if I make two bracelets intending to be very similar, there is always a difference, so every piece of my memory wire bracelets is truly unique….just like you!


Red and Champagne Cuff Bracelet


Red and Champagne Cuff Bracelet


Lime Green and Purple Cuff Bracelet

You can see that I also often attach dangles and/or charms, most of which are handmade, and can be customized depending on what I can get hold of.

Drop me a line if you are interested in a custom order, or a 20% coupon code for my store below, send me a quick email with ‘coupon’ in the subject line to:
Or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this post! I look forward to connecting!

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