News From HQ – Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces!

I have started making necklaces! Well, that’s not quite true, because I started making necklaces a while ago, experimenting and trying to see what I can do that is a little different to what is out there already. Well, since I am kind of addicted to memory wire for bracelets, I did some research and guess what?
There’s actually memory wire available for necklace-making too!

Memory wire is pretty cool as no matter what you do with it, it keeps its shape…this means unlike a traditional bracelet or necklace, it needs no closure and can simply be slipped on and off your wrist or your neck. Pretty convenient, if like me, you need help with fastening bracelets and necklaces, because with a wire necklace or bracelet, those days will be gone! 🙂

So then I started experimenting with it…and this is what it looks like before….
Memory Wire BlankMemory Wire

At first I tried with crystals (Swarovski type), but I really did not like the look. It works so well with my bracelets, but with the necklaces I started making, it turned into a distinct ‘old lady fashion jewelry’ look,
which is not at all what I like. I like vibrant, colorful, classy, Boho…something any age lady can wear and it makes her smile! Most importantly, it was supposed to lift outfits, not make my ladies look dowdy and old-fashioned! So I started again..

I decided to skip the crystals, or use them to add some spice only, and almost exclusively work with real gemstone or Czech glass beads….and this is what happened:

SAMSUNG CSCRose Quartz / Jasper

and this:


and also this:


I love them! The best thing about them, they look so adorable worn and they will adjust to your neck beautifully. Despite being made with gemstone, they feel light and loose…and this is how they look worn:


What do you think?

They are available for under $40 here:

Also, they are unique, only one of each exists and they are all handmade by me.

That’s my news…next time I will be telling you about my new stretch bracelets made from luxurious gemstones with the most amazing healing properties…and they look great, and are stackable too!

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Hello Friends!

This is my first post on this site on which I intend to showcase my creations. It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but today on a rainy day, I have been sitting down in front of my computer and putting some hours in….

This will remain short, as I just basically want to say ‘hello world’ and treat you to some nice little photographs from the beach in South Florida, spiced with my jewelry.

SAMSUNG CSCTurquoise (Set With Earrings)

If you like any of the pieces, head to my Etsy store, it might still be available 🙂

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